From idea to compelling message:
we transform your vision.

A Powerful Collaboration:
Your Voice, Our Expertise

When you must unequivocally garner support, mobilize change and inspire growth, we sculpt your script for maximum audience engagement.

Critical Evaluation

      • Crystalize goals & direction 
      • Build an audience-graphic
      • Identify potent connection points
      • Search for blind spots

Script Sculpt

      • Develop an optimal content mix
      • Improve the Signal to Noise Ratio in stories & analogies
      • Strategically build content segments along a clear through-line
      • Utilize content heat mapping
      • Balance the logic-emotion continuum

Focused Practice

      • Performance driven feedback
      • Vocal tone, cadence, and pacing
      • Trust & rapport exercises
      • Gestures for live, virtual, and hybrid environments
      • Nerve management 

We Help You:

    • Align your vision’s intent and impact to maximize organizational support.
    • Build a clear and efficient narrative around your authentic voice.
    • Distill complex information into easily understood soundbites.
    • Replace minimizing words with impactful messaging.
    • Strategically organize content along a well-defined through-line.

We Deliver:

  • Progressive experience-based notes to keep you on target and from ”going rogue.”
  • Recording of your PowerScript for reference during rehearsals.
  • Vocal and physical training to help you deliver your message in a way that supports the narrative.
  • Exercises to enhance trust by bringing your authenticity front and center.

    Now I understand why Alan Parisse came so highly recommended. I’ve never before had such practical coaching and candid, on-target feedback. Worth it!

    … Channel Head, MetLife Investment Management


    Legendary Hall of Fame speaker and former investment professional Alan Parisse and his team will sculpt your message into an expertly crafted high-yield presentation. Contact us to schedule a no obligation exploratory call.

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    We inspire excellence in our clients through training grounded in candor, integrity, and respect.  

    From individual coaching to group sessions, our presenter training programs help you rediscover your authenticity, maximize your message, and achieve tangible results from scripting to delivery.